Definitions Required

17 Jun

I’ve realized that I may be using terms in my posts that aren’t familiar to people reading my blog. My apologies.

I’ve decided to do mini posts on words or phrases that will help you understand some of my writing…or entertain you at the very least.

Today’s word:


“TOO-SHH-OW” or “TWO-SHOWER” without the “ER”

Toshaos are the elected leaders of their communities. Elections occur every 3 years and a single person may be in office for 2 consecutive terms (6 years). The last Toshao elections took place in 2012 during the months of March-April.
Toshaos are supported by a Deputy Toshao, who is responsible when the Toshao is out of the village, Senior Councillors, and other elected members of the council.


Today’s phrase:

Jus now

“Just now” without the “t” sound. Simple, no?

There is no clear definition for this.

Timeless It could mean “wait”.
e.g. When the minibus driver from Georgetown to Lethem started the vehicle and started moving, a passenger shouted “jus now jus now!”. He was waiting for his friends to get him food.
In this case, it meant “wait a sec”.

It could mean multiple lengths of time. e.g. “When are we leaving?” “jus now”. In this case, it could mean “now” (though this is unlikely), “soon”, “later”, or “whenever I’m ready”. You will rarely be answered with a pecific time (e.g. “5 minutes”).

It could mean a time in the past. e.g. “When did you arrive?” “jus now”. Again, it could mean 5 minutes ago, half an hour ago, an hour ago, etc.

With “jus now”, you’ll never have to commit to a specific time(frame) again :)

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