What Am I Doing Here? Part II

22 Jun

“Here” = several villages in the South Central and South Rupununi at the moment.

I am currently travelling with teams of facilitators for the Management Plan Dissemination workshop. This project, in a nutshell, involved the collection of data regarding all aspects of Amerindian communities.
SCPDA, with cooperation from the South and South Central District Toshoas Council, did some research, consultation, and documentation of Amerindian traditions, cultures, and practices regarding things like the use of fire, ranching, farming, and sacred sites, to name a few.

Management PlanFindings were summarized and written into a document known as the Management Plan. It was created in response to a question posed to the Amerindian people:

“If we grant communities their proposed land extensions, how will they manage and develop their land?”

This Management Plan, “Baokopa’o wa di’itinpan wadauniinao ati’o nii (Thinking together for those coming behind us)” (in Wapishana and English), answers that question and details how Amerindians in South Central and South Rupununi will take care of their land and natural resources.

It was printed in the UK and sent to SCPDA to distribute to the 17 communities involved in community consultations. Detailed maps depicting titled lands, proposed land extensions, village areas, rivers, creeks, proposed community protected areas, and more were also created and printed.

A brochure is available for viewing/download here.

With the Management Plan document and maps, the Amerindian people are justifying their proposed land extensions, addressing the issue of protecting the natural resources around them, and promoting the preservation of their culture.

SCPDA has two teams of facilitators doing presentations on the contents of the Management Plan to all 17 communities.
So what does this mean for me? It means a LOT of travelling until the end of the month, collecting data on Women’s Groups in different villages, and report writing. Whee!

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