Suriname Getaway

19 Sep

Alright, I’m getting a bit lazy with my posts, so you’ll probably see more pictures than words – which is probably more entertaining any how.

I went to Suriname for a weekend – specifically Paramaribo, the capital. Suriname is the only Dutch-speaking country in South America. It was colonized by the British and then captured by the Dutch. It shares borders with Guyana to the east, French Guiana to the west, Brazil to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the north.

A weekend is a very short time, but it was nice to get away from Guyana for a bit….especially because Suriname has hot water for hot showers! No…Guyana does not have hot water for hot showers, nor does it have a constant supply of water for everyone – of course, exceptions apply if you have money. In any case, I now appreciate my water (at any temperature!) more.

Enough about the water. On to the photos:

  1. A picture of the ferry between Guyana and Suriname – for vehicles (cars, minibuses) and people. The ferry dock is a bit out of town in both countries so you have to travel for a couple hours by vehicle before reaching the river crossing.
  2. Satao – an Indonesian soup served in a warung (a casual shop, often family-owned, typical in Indonesia and Malaysia). Sauce it, spice it, and eat it up! You can find all the warungs on one street in Paramaribo.
  3. The Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral in the centre of Paramaribo – It is the biggest (not tallest) wooden structure in the Western Hemisphere.
  4. A Chinese bakery – there are quite a number of Chinese diaspora in Suriname, so Asian food, restaurants, and supermarkets, are plentiful…in comparison to Guyana anyway. Toronto/Vancouver/Canada definitely wins vs. Suriname.
  5. The sunset cruise boat that takes tourists out on the river to see dolphins.
  6. A pink dolphin! You can see the pink colour on their bellies and tails (which is unfortunately not visible in this picture).
  7. Taking a walk on a plantation.
  8. The sunset as viewed from the sunset cruise boat…how appropriate :)
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