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Je m’appelle Andrea Liew et I wish I knew more French.

You’ll have to excuse me while I ramble on about myself….

I’m a Torontonian of Singaporean/Malaysian descent and I love all cultures – especially Indian culture (and the delicious food!). There is something beautiful about Indian weddings, ceremonies, saris, and Bollywood. Yes, I CAN sit through a 3-4 hour movie in Hindi with sometimes hilarious English subtitles.

I am currently living in Shulinab Village, South Central Rupununi, Guyana. I’ve been in Guyana since February 2012 as a volunteer with Cuso International. I work for the South Central People’s Development Association (SCPDA). I am a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). I used to volunteer with CARD (Community Association for Riding for the Disabled) and it’s a great organization filled with volunteers who help people with disabilities work on their physical and cognitive skills while on horseback. TOMS are my favourite kind of shoes, and KIVA is my favourite kind of financial institution.

My spare time is filled with softball, volleyball, horseback riding, and of course, mes amis et ma famille. I am a travel junkie – a short weekend trip is my temporary fix, but the best kind of vacations are the long ones! I’m also into extreme activities – I am the try everything once kinda gal. I have bungee jumped, skydived, aerial tree-trekked, horse raced in the desert, and canyoneered. There’s still so much more I want to do. I’m all about efficiency so I try to combine my adrenaline-pumping activities while traveling.

I believe in ELE – Everybody Love Everybody. It’s from the silly movie Semi-Pro, but it’s a great phrase.

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