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Something Everyone Should Read

5 Jan

MultiFaithI rarely publish any links, references, or posts about religion. Why? Because it is one of the most controversial subjects one can discuss. Religion unites and divides. It brings people together and tears them apart. It is seen as both good and bad, depending on who you ask. But is organized-faith really a problem? Or are we the problem?

“…no religion is the problem – it’s human beings who twist a message and create havoc from it…”

I won’t go into my views, as they surely differ from yours, but I recently came across an article that focuses on the positives of religion and thought I’d share.
It’s about faith, peace, respect, religion, spirituality, multiculturalism, acceptance, positivity, and love.
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Peace No Matter the Religion

by Christine Garvin

“Let’s give it up for the positive things that different religions teach.”