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Sometimes, you just have to JUMP

13 Dec

and take the plunge!

Live for every moment.

Halong Bay, Vietnam (2010)

Notes on Vietnam

17 Nov

1) The most dangerous thing you can do is walk across a huge intersection or through a roundabout. If you don’t get hit by a motorcycle, bicycle, or car, you’ve won the real life Frogger game you’ve been thrust into.

2) Things here are relatively cheap – from a Western world view. You can stay in a decent hotel for $20-$30 USD a night – and that’s talking mid-range price. A meal with a drink will be $5 average in a regular non-fancy restaurant. A bowl of Pho is $2. You get the point.

3) Halong Bay is a beautiful place – a must-see even if you hate “touristy” places. Be prepared to line-up to see some caves and eat a lot of fried food, the fare of choice for boat-cooks for some reason.

4) The level of harassment to buy things is pretty low compared to other countries (e.g. Egypt). Win!

5) “Line-ups” are just crowds of people invading each others’ personal space so they can be first to get checked-in, to get on a bus, to get on a plane, to annoy people, etc.

6) Everyone’s a millionaire in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Dongs

Vietnamese Dongs