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Too much to say…

28 Jul

too little time to type (for now).

My apologies, but my detailed on-goings in Korea will have to wait since I don’t have much time left here and I have to make the most of it by notwriting about it.  I’ve got the best personal tour guides in Korea who keep me busy – we really don’t stop til 6 in the mornin. sometimes 7.

This is most likely going to be my last post. so Cheers to my readers, commenters, and fellow travellers. Big Thanks to all the people who contributed to my wonderful trip by providing and participating in endless entertainment, taking time out of your day to inform me and show me around, and by providing accommodation.  And farewell to those who I’ve met along my travels – it’s a small world, so i might see you sooner than you think.

See you Torontonians soon.

Random Going-ons

20 Jul

Chingy at Club Prive in HK. Him + entourage have a weird thing for asian hair.

HK was way too humid. always sweating.

Mosquito bites all over legs since Malaysia. stupid sweet blood.

American travellers not representing their country very well.

Soju games in random bar with random korean people to avoid rowdy drunk slurring foreign tourists in club setting. (Maybe we’re getting old…)

karaoke bar with two levels per room. for example, you can climb up a ladder to the second floor (attic style) while passerbys watch you through a window if they so please…..weird.

always lost in translation. not many people here know how to speak english so we’ve resorted to pointing and sign language. all i know how to say is “hi”, “thank you”, “english”, and “1,2,3,4,5″ in korean. and “bitch” as well (which doesn’t help me). and edible/drinkable items: bibimbap, jabchae, kimchi, soju.

all the food is spicy. i’ve burnt some tastebuds off for sure. but we love it. thank god for anna and her mom for showing us the good stuff around.

Too much shopping being done and more to do. Loving the markets. $5 – $20 for shoes and clothes. what more can a girl ask for? (yes, i AM going broke – fast – even though the prices are cheap)shoes.jpg

koreans love to use their umbrellas, rain or shine. it is ridiculous to us.

garbage cans are rare and the waste management system in Korea isn’t very good. thus it smells all the time.

street food is goooood. except that if we order without anna, we have no idea what we’re eating. and probably don’t want to know. slowly getting rounder.

going to attempt to NOT get lost when trying to get to the annual mud festival. it’s going to be messy, no doubt.


Sleepless in Hong Kong

17 Jul

I know, I know. I haven’t updated much since Malaysia.  After M’sia, I went back to Singapore and did the whole hanging out with cousins and family friends thing. It was good to see them after 4 – 8 years of absence from each others’ lives.

Now I’m in Hong Kong. The first couple days (Thursday to Sunday) I didn’t get much sleep. Blame it on Hanna, Cyn (Hanna’s friend), and Jeff. But it’s been really fun. really fun. They party non-stop here and these old bones can’t keep up. Plus it doesn’t help that my parents love all day tours that start as early as 7 am in the morning. 5 days is definitely not enough to see all of Hong Kong.

I’m keeping this short and sweet because there would be too much to type and too much for you to read if I were to describe my HK adventures. Here’s a list of where I have been if you care to know: The Big Buddha on Lantau Island, The Peak and all the major landmarks on Hong Kong Island, some markets on the Kowloon side, and Macau (Asian Gambler’s Paradise).

I’ll tell you guys stories when I see you.

Hanna, Cyn, and I are heading to Korea tomorrow. Cezan is to meet us on Friday. Anna is already there.  It’s going to be amazing, even though we still don’t have a hostel and we have no idea what there is to do there. All I know is that there is a mud festival.