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Various views

7 Jul

This post isn’t going to be easily comprehensible because of the many random thoughts I am choosing to reveal.

Most disgusting moment thus far: realizing that women in China don’t care to close bathroom stall doors when taking a leak.

Most fat moment thus far: all of today. Family members honestly try to overfeed you. I ate everything I could have possibly wanted to eat in Malaysia and Singapore combined.

Happy 50th Birthday to Malaysia (prior to 1957, Singapore and Malaysia were combined as Malaya)

First Malaysia’s government tried to move the capital from Kuala Lumpur to Shah Alam.  That first project failed. Now they are trying to move it to Putrajaya – where one streetlamp costs $10,000. I’m pretty sure this second project is in the midst of failing. What a waste of money – the government could have done more for its people.

When you encounter Malaysian beggars, you almost tend to stop sympathizing with Canadian ones.  I only say this because I’ve encountered 3 in one night market – all could not walk because of missing or deformed limbs. Apparently, there is some sort of syndicated operation where someone will pick these beggars up and deposit them at busy areas for them to collect/beg for money. Once the rush is over, the beggars get picked up again and share their gains with other beggars in the group – and the group mastermind of course (who is an able bodied person).  Would you give these beggars money? Think about it. There are many pros and cons to any decision, no matter how you look at it.

“True” Malays are preferred by the government in M’sia. They are to be put at the top of large organizations – i.e. sometimes, a Malay must be a CEO. They also get incentives to start businesses. Other ethnicities do not. Especially Chinese-Malaysians. There is underlying conflict.

The streets are really dirty here in Malaysia. and smelly.

I really hope I don’t talk like the Singaporeans and Malaysians when I come back. As in I better not get used to speaking without pronouns, nouns, etc and using “lah” way too often.

Singapore & Malaysia

2 Jul

I realize that I didn’t update much when I was in Singapore. This is because there’re far more better things to do in Singapore than go to an internet cafe. Sorry to disappoint my avid blog readers ;)

I shopped a lot. And when I say a lot, i mean A LOT. I have to figure out how to stuff the clothes and shoes and purses into my suitcase now seeing as I never did have a lot of extra room in the first place.  The cheapest place to shop is Bugis Market/Junction. You can get cheap stuff (i.e. $10 shoes) and bargain, to boot. Luckily Richie likes shopping, so he didn’t get too bored when I made him go shopping at multiple places. What a good sport.  For those who know him, Richie says hi and he misses everyone in Toronto.

We ended up going to Chatterbox restaurant in the Mandarin hotel for Chicken Rice. yup, apparently it’s the place to go for the best Chicken Rice if you’re in Singapore. It’s their signature dish. We also went to Raffles hotel for Singapore Slings (which is their signature drink). Good eats, good drinks. And then we headed off to Clarke Quay which is the place to go out at night. They have amazing restaurants and they have a strip of clubs  (read: a strip of clubs…not strip clubs). Think Richmond Street, Toronto, where there are just clubs on both sides of the road. In Clarke Quay though, they’re just clubs on the side of a huge sidewalk so no cars can drive through – which is a lot better, I think.  Anyway this area was built up during the last year, so it’s still pretty new. These clubs/pubs have better designs than ours, that’s for sure. There’s one called Clinic. They have hospital beds where you sit, and IV drips from which you drink your alcoholic drink out of. Creative huh?  I gotta tell you guys though, there isn’t much of a hip hop/reggae scene in S’pore. They love their Euro and trance stuff. And there are a lot of drunken foreigners/ex-pats. a lot. and weird asian girls who like to stand in front of mirrors and watch themselves dance crazily – while providing me with endless entertainment. :)   Another thing I like – the fact that you can get pitchers of mixed drinks. That’s right, folks. Get a pitcher of RedBull Vodka with 4 straws in it for you to share with your friends. None of this individual drink garbage.  Clubs go past 3:30am here…I don’t even recall a mention of ‘last call’. Downside of drinks: one amaretto sour costs $11.00…ya that’s right. you know we can get that for about $3 at our clubs. Drinking is expensive in S’pore.  But the shisha ain’t bad.

I just got into Malaysia yesterday – and I’m already bored. If we have nothin’ better to do, we’re gonna go back to Singapore early before we have to go to Hong Kong.  I think it’s boring here because we’re not in the main city that everyone knows – Kuala Lumpur (where a lot of shopping is!). I’m in Kajang – the city of satay (y’know….meat on a stick. think of it as a simple shishkabob) where there isn’t much to do…you have to hop on a train and go into the main part of the city if you want something worthwhile to do.

Did I mention that it’s insanely hot in S’pore and M’sia? So…very…hot. sweltering. Everybody likes the mall because it’s air conditioned.

The internet is ultimately slow here. you’d be annoyed. but i have nothing to do all day so i have all the time in the world to be patient.  But I doubt I will update much in M’sia – because I doubt there will be anything interesting to update about.  Stay tuned anyway.